Go-Kart Trailer for Sale

Go Kart Trailer

Go-Kart Trailer for Sale from RacersRig

Kart racing is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have on a racetrack, and is one of the most popular and accessible forms of motorsport. The open-air driving experience, compact size, and low ride height makes karting unlike any other form of racing. Unfortunately these go karts can't be driven to the race track, so they require a kart trailer to carry them.

Kart trailers are typically shrunken-down versions of car or motorcycle trailers, rather fitting considering that's what a go-kart is! That said, these types of trailers take up significant space, and can be difficult to store in a garage, or even the side of a house. As a result, many people resort to carrying their karts in truck beds or makeshift trailers. Fortunately we have developed a solution for kart racers, in our new Kart-Rig trailer.

Unlike the large car-trailer style kart haulers, we built something brand new. Our proprietary design not only has room for your kart, but has room for all your spare racing parts and accessories, all on a lightweight and sturdy platform. This means that most everyday cars can haul the Kart-Rig, making go kart racing even more accessible. And best of all, the Kart-Rig folds away compact, meaning your go kart and trailer take up less garage space, all while keeping them safe and indoors.

To learn more about our available trailers, view the Kart-Rig product page and feel free to reach out to design your very own today!