Track Day Essentials

9 Must-Have Track Day Essentials

When it comes to track days, wether your at a road-course, drag race, or autocross event, you should always come prepared, especially if you're driving your car there! There's nothing worse than blowing a tire, shredding a power steering belt, or simply running out of fuel when out at the race track. Fortunately by bringing some of these track day essentials, which conveniently fit on our RacersRig trailers, you can have a great and safe day of racing.

Below we've outlined the 9 essentials to bring with you on your next track day outing.

1. Helmet:

Whether you're on a motorcycle or a modern grand touring car, helmets will help keep you safe on the racetrack. From flying track debris, potential collisions, and contact with roll cages, helmets are a must-have for any form or motorsport.

2. Tires:

Unless you're hauling your car or track-toy in an expensive enclosed trailer, you will want to bring a full set of track tires. Using your street tires will not only result in poor track performance, but will also significantly reduce their lifespan. There's a reason pro athletes wear high-end cleats, and not sneakers!

3. Tire Pressure Gauge and Compressor:

One of the most overlooked parts of track racing is tire pressure. This is especially important if you are using your everyday tires, which can easily become over-pressurized and lose traction. Combining a tire pressure gauge with a compressor means you will have the perfect tire pressures both on and off the track.

4. Jack and Tools:

You don't want to be spending your track day changing tires with the factory-supplied jack and lug wrench! A high-quality jack will last you years, and a full set of socket and lug wrenches stows away easily in the Racers Rig trailer.

5. Extra Fuel or Racing Fuel:

One of the best parts about the Track Rig trailer is that they let you drive your car both to, from, and on the racetrack! This usually means you have to carry all of your precious fuel in your vehicle's tank. By bringing extra fuel cans you can extend your track day, and even boost performance with track-only race fuel.

6. Oil, Brake Fluid, and Coolant:

These precious liquids can be hard to find at the race track, especially specific ones for your vehicle. Play it safe and bring a few bottles to keep on-hand in case your vehicle springs a leak.

7. Serpentine Belts:

Racing can take quite a toll on a vehicle's engine and belt system, especially on a track with lots of twists and turns. This driving can put serious strain on the power steering system, which can result in a broken belt, oftentimes disabling the alternator. Best to keep a spare on hand so you can make the drive home.

8. Gloves:

Like a well-fitting helmet, properly sized gloves are essential for racing. From motorcycles to time attack cars, gloves give you a better grip, and can protect your hands in the event of an accident.

9. Proper Clothing:

Although some people try to wear shorts and T-shirts to autocross events, it's always good practice to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. These clothes offer full-body protection against debris, and are required when racing on tracks or drag strips.

Now as is the case with many things in life, it never hurts to be too prepared for a day of racing. Fortunately with the RacersRig line of track day trailers, there is always plenty of room for your track day essentials. From tire racks, tool chests, and more, Racers Rig trailers are the real track day essential!