Track Day Trailer for Sale

Track Day Trailer for sale

Autocross, Motorcycle, & Karting Trailers

Whether you're a car, motorcycle, or go kart racer, a track day trailer is an absolute must-have. For automotive racing enthusiasts, a track day trailer carries all of your track day essentials like tires, spare parts and tools, and even spare fuel. For motorcycle and go kart racers, a track day trailer allows you to tow not only your bike or go kart, but all of your track gear as well.

So What Qualifies as a Track Day Trailer?

Simply put, a track day trailer is a compact equipment trailer, designed to carry spare parts, tires, and even whole motorcycles or go-karts. Instead of relying on an expensive truck and enclosed trailer, track day trailers allow you to use just about any car, truck, or SUV to get to the racetrack. This also means you can drive your sports car to the track, have a great day of racing, and not have to worry about stuffing your track tires and tool boxes into the trunk!

Types of Track Day Trailers

Here at Racers Rig, we are excited to offer three distinct variations of the track day trailer:

GT-Rig: Being our most popular model, the GT-Rig has been designed to be towed by your street car, and carries all of the track day essentials onboard. With room for spare wheels and tires, a full toolbox, racing fuel, and lots more, the Track Rig can carry it all.

Moto-Rig: Designed for motorcycle racers, the Moto-Rig has space for your bike, parts, and even spare wheels and tires. And featuring the same great fold-away design as our other products, the Moto-Rig can be stowed away easily, or parked with the motorcycle mounted.

Kart-Rig: For go-kart racers, this dedicated go-kart trailer carries not only your entire go-kart, but has room for spare parts, tires, and tools. And much like out other trailers, the Kart-Rig has a unique folding design, which allows for compact storage for both your go kart, and your trailer.

No matter what kind of racing you're into, there is a RacersRig track day trailer for you. And thanks to their compact design, these trailers are not only easy to bring to and from the track, but fold up and stow away easily to maximize your storage space. Browse our product shop today and build your perfect track day trailer from RacersRig!